Work environment is the combination of all physical, biological, chemical, medical, physiological, psychological, social, technological and technical elements that directly affect the workplace. Work Environment Measurement is necessary to conduct of sampling and analysis, carried out in respect of the atmospheric-working environment, for the purpose of determining actual conditions therein. All Physical Factors or Hazards like temperature, humidity, noise, illumination, hazardous materials or substances in solid, liquid or gases forms known to constitute toxic, flammable, exposure, corrosive, oxidizing and radioactive properties in which may induced added stress on the body are measured. Also, stress in the workplace like workload, time pressure, role conflict, boredom, uncertainty, poor communication, bad working environment and skills not matching those that are needed for the job are also measured

To determine the extent of exposure to harmful levels of physical and chemical agents as well as hazardous materials present in the workplace and to evaluate both actual and potential exposures to environment hazards encountered by the covered workers.

This procedure covers the process from receipt of request from the companies, measurement and evaluation of the different stresses in the workplace up to recommendation made to address the issues on the extent of workers’ exposure to physical factors like noise, heat, inadequate illumination and ventilation.

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