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Safeline Consultancy, Inc. OHS advisers will work with management representatives to enable them to understand the roles and responsibilities of employers, employees, suppliers, contractors and manufacturers when it comes to OSHS.  We will assist them to implement and monitor OSH policies, rules, standards and legislations in their workplace and to identify, assess and control workplace hazards.

Safeline Consultants have thorough knowledge and expertise on OSH requirements to:


  1.  Recommend Safety Officers/Practitioners/Consultant for different companies.

  2. Train and develop the company’s Safety Officers.

  3. Conduct safety audits and on-site inspections.

  4. Advise on safe work best practice.

  5. Formulate safety policies and procedures.

  6. Provide customized training on statutory OSH responsibilities.

  7. Provide refresher courses on OSH legislations, regulations, standards and codes of practice updates.

  8. Assist the companies through our OSH Advisors/Consultants during inspections/audits of different government agencies.

  9. Conduct Workplace Environmental Measurement (WEM).

  10. Prepare engineering drawings and specifications including fire protection system.

  11. Prepare all documents necessary for permit requirements from different government agency.

  12. Provide plant engineering consultancy.

  13. Provide plant safety consultancy

  14. Prepare job procedure of different job/task of different occupations.

  15. Prepare plant equipment safe operating procedures

  16. Conduct risk assessment

  17. Assist companies in HIRADC

  18. Design/prepare environmental management system

  19. Prepare companies for ISO certification

  20. Evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s preventive maintenance program

  21. Conduct trainings on heavy equipment safety, operation and maintenance.

  22. Evaluate and prepare documents necessary for Environmental Compliance from DENR including the Permit to Operate air pollution source equipment (APSE).

  23. Design/prepare safety programs/OSHMS

  24. Design/prepare Life and Fire Safety Program (FALAR 1)

  25. Prepare reports on Life and Fire Safety Test and Acceptance (FALAR 2)

  26. Conduct Life and Fire Safety Audit, its evaluation and the recommendations (FALAR 3)

  27. Fire Protection System Design

  28. Design/prepare port safety and security program

  29. Design/prepare fleet safety program

  30. Design/prepare emergency contingency plan.

  31. Design and conducts the internal audit (based on OSHAS 18001:2007 Standards)

  32. Conduct technical safety inspection

  33. Conduct third party safety inspection

  34. Overhead crane inspection and load test

  35. Conduct job hazard analysis

  36. Conduct training needs analysis and preparation of training modules

  37. Evaluate and recommends company’s safety requirements

  38. Coordinate training on regulatory requirements and optimal management practices, including initiating and developing curricula and training materials

  39. Initiate, develop, and implement equipment and process safety and environmental review process, used to identify and minimize safety and environmental impacts of new and revised operations.

  40. Lead behavior-based safety program implementation team.

  41. Assist companies in preparation of Legal Requirements for different government agencies (DOLE, DENR, LGU, PPA, LLDA, PEZA and others).

  42. Provide preventive maintenance program for ICE: The Four Level Approach in Total engine protection system.

  43. Provide technical support for Solar Home/Stand Alone Lighting System

  44. Other consultancy services.

For quotations and queries feel free to contact us.

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